Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DE/DT Party Pics, AmalgamDigital

Division East/Death Traitors collabo tee's are now available at go pick one up! The front looks like this

The back looks like this

Of course the DE/DT release party was off the chain. Peace to everyone who performed and came out.


Larry Hobson, Mr. Gorgeous, Tyler DT


The Man from Somewhere Else


Some drunk idiot

John Robinson


Alex DT and ...

Go to where "Succumb" is the featured download of the week. Love to Mr. Len and Smacks Record on that one.


A half naked Baby Genius

The Baby Genius is back in action. In anticipation this summer's The Grand Scheme, G. Wallace is down in Savannah, Georgia filming the video for "Fool No Mo." Here's a very sill picture that will give you some idea of we are all in for with this one.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

New Website, New Videos, New Music!

First thing's first, go to and save it as our new homepage. You can read this blog post there.

Things you can do at listen to music, download music, watch videos, buy records.

In other news, we wrapped up shooting on the new Shape and Emily Rugburn videos:

Shape - Glass Houses

Emily Rugburn - Donkey Punch Drunk

More to come...

<3 Pistol

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