Monday, July 28, 2008

Upcoming Shows and shiyat

August 2nd will be round 2 of Haligan's Hawain Hooplah so wear something nice and I might buy you a Pina Colada. Looks to Steve "Power Hour" Bauer on the flyer=

August 13th Division East's own Diamond Dave Dowd, G. Wallace, GDP, Shape and RewMec will be making an appearance on East Village Radio's No Ho's Bored Hip Hop Show at 8pm. Tune in at and listen to us talk about funny stuff and rap about cool shit. Kudos to Long Division on that one.

GDP in Philly on August 15th and I think Daniel Joseph is coming. See if I don't try and bang the host.

Rock Steady in Newark was incredible yesterday (Sunday) if you weren't there you fucked up big time.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daniel Joseph aka Espee One in NY tomorrow night. Haligans Re-cap

Yo some of you might know Daniel Joseph as Espee One of Bullymouth. He has a record coming out soon on Division East Records (September 20th if you want to get technical about it) called "Pretty/Ugly" and it is incredible. We will have songs from it on the upcoming Division East 2008 Sampler that will be out in about 2 weeks. Check him out tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory

Haligan's the other week went off without a hitch!

DJ Max Jerome made the wheels of steel his bitch

Daniel Joseph is a man of the people

Shapezooka is known for his getting the young folks singing as well.

Benny 2 Bars posted like a flyer only much flyer

Hey G. Wallace your epidermis is showing

Tears of joy folks. Literally.

No ladies, that puddle in your lap is not piss

If you look at Shape's left hand I owe you a punch in the arm

Fun night. Fun life. Seeya in the Rotten Apple tomorrow night.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Try to find your face on the Skateboard!

Division East Skateshops just put out their newest board which features some of the loveliest faces you've ever seen! Look for your favorite DE artists and skaters and friends! Coco Love is even on it...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Halligan's Hawaiian Hip Hop Hoopla

This fucking Saturday. Come to live. Wear Hawaiian. Leave drunk.

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I am home from tour and ready to griiind. Here's some choice flicks. TMFSE caught up with me in Philly and it was on from thurr. Vinyl is still available and GDP shirts.

Summertime fun starts now.