Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yes Yes Ya'll

Division East Winter 08 Promo Vid Premiers 12/7 and attached along with it will be a Division East Records sampler dealy. I'll have all the info on that shortly. Meanwhile, go to this tomorrow it's going to be completely awesome.

Over Thanksgiving Break Ken Eddelson housed the annual Brovember Meatfest and it was incredible. There was elk, buffalo, cow, rabbit, venosin, and all sorts of other awesome shit.

After everyone pigged out countless dead animals we all chugged beers

Needless to say Brovember was a success

G. Wallace is home and he gets drunk sometimes

If anyone has pictures of anything awesome or Division East related they'd like to see on the blog by all means send them to ASAP
I'll have some flicks from tomorrows festivities by Friday kiddies. Til then keep up with cuz they rule.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

God Damn the White Man

This was tagged up on the side of my neighbors house yesterday morning

Completely rules.

Here's some new pics from last weekend. GDmotherfackinP=

There was a sea of 16 year old girls at Serendipity and it fucking ruled. Kudos to Carson on these...

Everyday of my life

My bi-weekly dental hygene

Me and Jan the Don went to a party in Bronx where one of the rooms was covered in tine foil wall to wall including everything in the room, bar, door knobs, etc. We hit the slopes like it was no laughing matter.

This is what I'm into.

Here's a very old picture of me and Shape. Peep the dude front row takin notes.

Shape's been in the lab working on DE Fam Fam Din Din and I will be joining forces with him tomorrow after a psychedelic acid trip through time and space. Not kidding. My phone will be off at this time tomorrow cuz I will be talking cosmos, extraterrestrials, ocean, life and death.

I'm also happy to get home to spend some good ol' quality time with the fellas

Any Division East/Division East Records questions you may or may not have you can now direct to the AIM Screen name- DEHelpNow

Pat Renton also made this 10 minute montage/old footy/whatever the fuck video with some songs you might recognize and if you watch long enough it might clear up some questions you have. I don't fucking know.

More news soon eat madd turkey son!!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deer Flyer

I'm not sure what I make of all this...odds are the roof of this church is gonna cave in when gdp plays

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


DE/Upper Playground Art Show


COMES HOME 11/15 =))

Updates about that guy soon...

Be sure to go to this

And buy one of these-

Bullymouth will be at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday November 27th w/ Big City, EL Da Sensei, and Soul Purpose.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

Division East Check out

Much love to the folks at CTOTHEJL...they gave some Division East love on their blog put Dave Dowd in the hot seat. That guy has a way with words I tell ya...

More soon!


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Much going's on...New shows added

GDP, Shape, TMFSE live and erect. DO IT.

I also threw a punk show the other night that was lovely. Respect is due to Zhenia Golov, Swashbuckle, Killin' It, and Flash Attacks. Live it.

Killin it killin it.


Flash Attacks

There was a mirror on the other side of the basement that kept fucking up my pics. fuck.

I dunno if you can tell but dude in the hunter green beanie bears a striking resemblance to Owen Wilson.

Rob Golov living it hard as fucking hell. Fuck God.

some fellas

There was a Nitrus bar and a basement full of kids doing balloons. Still, no one was more fucked up than the bartender himself.

Swashbuckle made much reference to intoxicants and many rape jokes and I couldn't have been more into it.

Stagedives happen.

Pacewon played a show at JJ's Bar & Grill where I will be hosting weekly open mic starting in December the same night as this show but by the time I got there I was way too fucking drunk to worry about snapping flicks. Fuck you. More updates soon.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


GDP will be @ Serendipity Thursday November 17th 2007 at 7pm. I will have a flyer for that shortly. Also go to this=

much love to the fellas from Animal Crackers on that one.

Bullymouth is on Amalgam Digital this week and their jam "Lemonade" is up on I-tunes. Go buy that shit.



Monday, November 5, 2007


Weekend ruled.

Underground 8 was wonderful as's Shape talking to the kiddies w/ TMFSE

Happy Halloween

Atbash Cipher was in the place to be

Al Sauce came through this weekend and wyled with his homegrowns and I took him to the New Brunswick wall of fame which he thoroughly enjoyed

MR. Gorgeous successfully turned 21. Here's some other pictures from my week. Sometimes I forget how awesome my life is until I look back through my day to day flicks.

Diamond Dave D, Rajni, famalam and P-Rock


Doors got broken. Hinges got ripped

Mr. G also got ripped

This happened

More than just a shirt...

This asshole

Vhem ripped on Halloween

More songs the next day

I've begun writing full time for DE Family Dinner...I'll be e-mailing Shape some new J Stamps beats in a second. DE Holiday Skate Vid is in the works as are many other things. Show updates in a day or so once I figure everything out. Keep checkin in you rat bastards.