Monday, April 30, 2007


Here's a video good ol' Pat Renton posted on that godforsaken myspace dealy. This song will be on my record "Involvement" along with a bunch of other songs...enjoy!


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 28th Show in Montclair

I know what you are thinking, Holy Shit. And yes. Holy Shit.

Division East Skate Shopper founder and Division East Records CEO "Diamond" Dave Dowd aka Nards are the Sween. Big Ups Dave!

"Diamond" Dave Dowd taking time off to work with the children.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Next week, come check out one the greatest shows of the year so far. I mean, Large Professor? Get the fuck out of here. It's an honor and a half for us to be on this show, Large Pro is by and large a huge influence on everything I've done musically. I want to see as many of ya'll out as possible to hold this one down.

Plus, look at the rest of the acts, Pumpkinhead, Scienz of Life, Silent Knight, Cymar? This one is gonna be off the chain. I don't know why they have me and GDP on the flyer like some kind of tag team, like we were working on an album called WhiteStar or something. But we're working on getting that fixed. In the mean time just get suped on this show and start spreading the word.

Also, this thursday, if you're around, is that Shane Gooding benefit show I spoke of a few posts down. Come to New Brunswick and get drunk with me for a good cause. I'll have some copies of my new CD with me for sale too, so take the oppurtunity to cop one.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

"Namedroppers" is here!!!

My first single off my Division East Records debut "Involvement" is now up on my Myspace page for your ears benefit- . Have a listen and get ready for what will be the best thing you've ever heard since the last DE Records release and will continue to be the best thing you've ever heard until the next one (I think G. Wallace is up next??)

Also go to every single show Shape posted under me. They'll fucking rule.

Here's a cool picture you guys might like. We were both sober in this one.

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Also, almost forget, here are some cool youtube videos our friend Patrick Renton made for us...

Bully Mouth

Tame One Live

My man Pryme Prolifik

Tame One's Division East Mic Check

Whats up kids, just keeping ya'll posted on the digs for the next couple of weeks. Last night we played a fun show at Galapagos that none of you went to, so lets work on that. I want to see you all coming out to every show, we are fun people and will show you a good time if you let us.

One week from today on Thursday April 12th, I (shape that is) will be rocking at a Benefit Concert for Shane Gooding. Shane is a dope musician originally from South Jersey but living out in California now who is battling cancer, the proceeds for the show are gonna go to help out in paying for his treatment. Its only five dollars to get in and is gonna be awesome so please make it out to this one. Division East friends The Man From Somehwere Else, Silent Knight and Cymarshall Law are playing plus The Shank Bone Mystic Project who are a great live band and The Grass is Greener whom I've never heard of before. Don't sleep.

Also, we got some more fun shows coming up, our boy Nabil from Underground EXP is throwing a Large Proffesor tribut show that GDP and I will be rocking at, with fun friend, underground champion Pumpkinhead and more, thats April 19 at Galapagos art space in Brooklyn. Then we got a show in Montclair on April 28th we are working on...artists TBA.

So come to one or all of these events and have good times with good friends.


Sunday, April 1, 2007


Fun show this Friday. Good looks to the staff of 35 Plum aka Hidden Cities.

This week Shape, Pryme Prolifik & Joe Frazier, Outacity, TMFSE, and myself (GDP) will be performing at Galapagos Art Space in ( at 10pm, $5, and located at
70 N 6th Street in Crooklyn, NY. Sweet.

Shape and I will also be there with Lrg Professor, Pumpkinhead, Cymarshall Law, and many many more this April 19th celebrating one year anniversary.

Show listings can be found all over the place but I know for sure they are at my myspace-

Go buy Shape's "Raised Near The Power Lines" right now it's fucking awesome. It will be all over your favorite magazines, websites, and whatnot in a mere matter of weeks.

I also just finished up my record "Involvement"...there is still mixing and some scratching yet to be done but more information on that will come soon. Really soon. So start getting siked now.