Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Next week, come check out one the greatest shows of the year so far. I mean, Large Professor? Get the fuck out of here. It's an honor and a half for us to be on this show, Large Pro is by and large a huge influence on everything I've done musically. I want to see as many of ya'll out as possible to hold this one down.

Plus, look at the rest of the acts, Pumpkinhead, Scienz of Life, Silent Knight, Cymar? This one is gonna be off the chain. I don't know why they have me and GDP on the flyer like some kind of tag team, like we were working on an album called WhiteStar or something. But we're working on getting that fixed. In the mean time just get suped on this show and start spreading the word.

Also, this thursday, if you're around, is that Shane Gooding benefit show I spoke of a few posts down. Come to New Brunswick and get drunk with me for a good cause. I'll have some copies of my new CD with me for sale too, so take the oppurtunity to cop one.