Friday, February 29, 2008

Advocated by the few who do live it

*On behalf of the Division East family, Rest In Peace graffiti extraordinare "JEYROO" NRG LTD CAC TCSW BOOM SKWAD 2/27/08*

Boston this weekend ruled. Peace to TMFSE, DJ Prime and SlowMo...or rather, SnowMo.

The drive up there was completely treacherous, we spun out once, and with the weather took us about 11 hours to arrive to Boston. It was snowing all over the place ;)

Peace to DJ Prime for not jimmying the whip 
SlowMo & TMFSE played the backseats with the crates of records
g & TMFSE catch up on some much needed zzzz's
That kid in the blue hat was nice but a bit creepy as you can probably tell from this photo
There you go ladies..
He's not from around here
Oh rapping
The Man From Somewhere Else
I heard a story about Shape sucking this girls toes a while back
Apparently this girl is trashy, I would have stuck
Everyone was attracted to this girl and she had some herb ass boyfriend TMFSE was crackin jokes on in front of him
Numbchucks was in the spot smoking plenty salvia

Thanks to our buddy Zach Baker for helping us have so much fun. I've decided Boston is alright despite everyone talking like a god damn idiot and the influx of preppy rich kid types that wear Abercrombie well into their late 20's, get their hair highlighted and drink Bud Light. Fack brah
This show happened a week or so ago and it was awesome. Kudos to Killin' It

Our buddy Machine is putting on a very fun jammer in Newark Friday Night. Come out!

This show is gonna rule. gdp was supposed to play but plans change and so does your fucking mother. Sorry folks. Go anyway.. JR and Shabaam are both independently the shit, so collectively you can imagine.


Friday, February 22, 2008

"Location" courtesy of Patrick Renton

Well done my boy.
GDP "Location"

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


gdp WILL BE RELEASING A 7 INCH SPLIT RECORD WITH OUR BUDDIES DIRTY MONEY from FLORIDA. DJ Prime will also be along for the festivities.


May 22 2008 Valdosta, Georgia
May 23 2008 Atlanta, Georgia
May 24 2008 Birmingham, Alabama
May 25 2008 Nashville, Tennessee
May 26 2008 St Louis, Missouri
May 27 2008 Chicago, Illinois
May 28 2008 Lansing, Michigan
May 29 2008 Toledo, Ohio
May 30 2008 Cincinnati, Ohio
May 31 2008 Lexington, Kentucky
Jun 1 2008 Columbus, Ohio
Jun 2 2008 Clevelad, Ohio
Jun 3 2008 Buffalo, New York
Jun 4 2008 Rochester, New York
Jun 5 2008 Bath, New York
Jun 6 2008 Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Jun 7 2008 Boston, Massachusetts
Jun 8 2008 Providence, Rhode Island
Jun 9 2008 Hartford, Connecticut
Jun 10 2008 Scranton, Pennsylvania
Jun 11 2008 Allentown, Pennsylvania
Jun 12 2008 New York, New York
Jun 13 2008 Brooklyn, New York
Jun 14 2008 New Brunswick, New Jersey
Jun 15 2008 Asbury Park, New Jersey
Jun 16 2008 Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 17 2008 Baltimore, Maryland
Jun 19 2008 Richmond, Virginia
Jun 20 2008 Raleigh, North Carolina
Jun 21 2008 Ashville, North Carolina
Jun 22 2008 Athens/Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 23 2008 Valdosta, Georgia
Jun 27 2008 Gainesville, Florida

Let me know if you want to help book a show or some shit.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Videos, Shows and DivsionEast!!!!!


How you? I got good news!!! As everyone knows by now, I'm working on my first album, slowly but surely. But when it's done, we'll feel like family. Enough of the small talk, Me and my Ace GDP are gonna be in Boston, MA this Friday and Saturday and we're gonna have a crazy fucking show!!!! HOLLER @ CHA BOIES!!! Feb. 22 and 23.



Also, I'm gonna be shooting a video pretty soon in the upcoming month (March ETA)! It's for my joint "LIGHTS" that you can check out on the page! But here's where you guys come in! I'll be doing an open casting call. I'll be shooting

******** OPEN CASTING CALL*********

1.) I'm looking for a fly female to play the main chick in Vrs 2.:


Height: Around 5'8 - 5'11

Weight: 140-160 LBS SOLID!

Personality: Outgoing, but able to play the timid type

Race: Open

and most of all, Decent Teeth!

2.) Looking for a funny dude

If you're interested, e-mail your contact (perferablly e-mail) w/ a pic. If not that, myspace message me. Both with the title box filled in as " Re: RewMec LIGHTS VIDEO".

Hollar @ R!

" Their Astro turf's fake, and my GRASSROOTS reach up to my legs"-GDP. Sorry gals, no money just percks!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eeyyoooo!!!!!!!!! RewMec


What up world of the Underground! It's me......RewMec (pronounced "Roo Meck") for those who don't know. I've finally been given the official pass to the Division East community! So you know what that means??? they've created a monster! So to fans and non fans alike, '08 is going to be my incubation period that sets me up for my album. In this blog, I'll be giving you the scoop periodically about show, new tracks, what the fuck and more what the fuck!!! In the mean time just take this as my intro and enjoy what's already on the page! Check back soon. Hollar @ R!!! Eeyyoooo!!!


Monday, February 11, 2008


The New Brunswack Fire Dept. just left my house because my carbon monoxide sensor was going off. They said I need a new battery so me and DJ Prime went and got a new battery. The alarm is still beeping and its looking like I will have to sleep in my living room tonight under the fire alarm so I can push the button every time it beeps off. Go to this show=

you KNOW I had to come proper for the Big L Tribute show. That will rule. More news soooon. Boston son!


Saturday, February 9, 2008



Division East Records Cypher

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Emily Rugburn / JJ's Open Mic

I can not stop listening to this Emily Rugburn shit. Junkwaffel has outdone himself. Jeezus Cristobal go to and bow your head you fucking mortal scumb.

JJ's open mic was liiiiive. Peace to Pat Renton and 2AM Crew.

More soon.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


GDP MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT WAS SWEET. LATE NIGHT SALE WAS CANCELLED CUZ GDP'S IMMUNE SYSTEM TOOK A VACATION. This photo was taken by none other than Diamond Dave Dowd on a real live I-Phone. You read right internet world. Division East fucks with I-Phones. Heavy.

Big ups to Mark Karinja (, TMFSE, Dave Dowd, Pad Dowd, Dolomite Dowd, Ben Wald, and all the other fine folks that came out and helped me make the sweetest video ever. More info about that soon.

Junkwaffel is out of rehab for the time being and he is working on a new record with The Man From Somewhere Else under the monicker Emily Rugburn- check em out at It's gonna be epic=

My main man Kava aka Ned da Wino will be hosting and putting on a J. Dilla tribute show this Thursday Feb. 8th in New Brunswick that GDP will be rocking at =

GDP also started making a video with TMFSE and Pat Renton that might look something like this-

More info. on that soon

SO be on the lookout for some GDP music videos, potential music videos from a few artists that I won't say quite yet cuz I'm waiting on some confirmation, among some other awesome projects that are in the works with people that you will be glad to know we are working with. BOOYAKASHA