Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Videos, Shows and DivsionEast!!!!!


How you? I got good news!!! As everyone knows by now, I'm working on my first album, slowly but surely. But when it's done, we'll feel like family. Enough of the small talk, Me and my Ace GDP are gonna be in Boston, MA this Friday and Saturday and we're gonna have a crazy fucking show!!!! HOLLER @ CHA BOIES!!! Feb. 22 and 23.



Also, I'm gonna be shooting a video pretty soon in the upcoming month (March ETA)! It's for my joint "LIGHTS" that you can check out on the page! But here's where you guys come in! I'll be doing an open casting call. I'll be shooting

******** OPEN CASTING CALL*********

1.) I'm looking for a fly female to play the main chick in Vrs 2.:


Height: Around 5'8 - 5'11

Weight: 140-160 LBS SOLID!

Personality: Outgoing, but able to play the timid type

Race: Open

and most of all, Decent Teeth!

2.) Looking for a funny dude

If you're interested, e-mail your contact (perferablly e-mail) w/ a pic. If not that, myspace message me. Both with the title box filled in as " Re: RewMec LIGHTS VIDEO".

Hollar @ R!

" Their Astro turf's fake, and my GRASSROOTS reach up to my legs"-GDP. Sorry gals, no money just percks!