Friday, February 29, 2008

Advocated by the few who do live it

*On behalf of the Division East family, Rest In Peace graffiti extraordinare "JEYROO" NRG LTD CAC TCSW BOOM SKWAD 2/27/08*

Boston this weekend ruled. Peace to TMFSE, DJ Prime and SlowMo...or rather, SnowMo.

The drive up there was completely treacherous, we spun out once, and with the weather took us about 11 hours to arrive to Boston. It was snowing all over the place ;)

Peace to DJ Prime for not jimmying the whip 
SlowMo & TMFSE played the backseats with the crates of records
g & TMFSE catch up on some much needed zzzz's
That kid in the blue hat was nice but a bit creepy as you can probably tell from this photo
There you go ladies..
He's not from around here
Oh rapping
The Man From Somewhere Else
I heard a story about Shape sucking this girls toes a while back
Apparently this girl is trashy, I would have stuck
Everyone was attracted to this girl and she had some herb ass boyfriend TMFSE was crackin jokes on in front of him
Numbchucks was in the spot smoking plenty salvia

Thanks to our buddy Zach Baker for helping us have so much fun. I've decided Boston is alright despite everyone talking like a god damn idiot and the influx of preppy rich kid types that wear Abercrombie well into their late 20's, get their hair highlighted and drink Bud Light. Fack brah
This show happened a week or so ago and it was awesome. Kudos to Killin' It

Our buddy Machine is putting on a very fun jammer in Newark Friday Night. Come out!

This show is gonna rule. gdp was supposed to play but plans change and so does your fucking mother. Sorry folks. Go anyway.. JR and Shabaam are both independently the shit, so collectively you can imagine.