Thursday, August 20, 2009



If you like this song, which I don't know how you couldn't, download the whole "Glass Houses" LP for FREE at and submit your soul to the dark side.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Shows this week!

Thank you everyone who came out to the Court Tavern on Saturday. Larry Hobz, RewMec, Bullymouth and Gold Label all killed it and you know we got more shit in the works. Peep game this Thursday in Newark @ Garden Variety and of course the end of the summer kick you in the head, teeth and eyes rager at Young Zee's crib this Saturday 8/22

GDP, Daniel Joseph and Pistol Pete are home from tour which means new music coming your way. Shape, TMFSE and Ray Strife are home from their trip as well and Shape has finished up his "Miley Whiteskin" video with Mikey Diebold so please be on the look out for that.

New trips are in the works and Division East is looking for some new interns for the fall. Since we are broke as hell we can't pay you much, although if you can help bring in some bread than we can talk some numbers. What we can do for now is get you collegiates some internship college credits towards your degree and an education is priceless. Plus you get to work and hang out with cool cats like us. If you are interested please email

Pics from the 'Pretty Realistic' tour are up at along with new music. I hope you have already checked out RewMec's new music and if not go to right now and have a listen.

I've got a lot of good ideas brewing in my skull and I hope to see many of them through this late 09/early 10 so I suggest you stay posted. Thank you to RewMec for holding down the blog fort so efficiently while the troops have been out in the trenchs. I hope you continue to do so.