Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Show cancelled, Free Shah, DE Skatepark, Tamer

I'm sorry to say but due to some scheduling mix-ups, the Division East Records in-store this Friday is cancelled. I apologize and assure you this is not what anyone wanted. Fuck. In much much better news...

Division East/Garden Skate are in the process of building the best in-door skate park maybe ever. Here's a picture and layout, more info at www.GardenSk8.com. There will be a new Division East location as well as a 1,200 sq. ft. park that flows like a dream. There will be a sweet opening party there this fall, stay tuned.

Peep this video of Tame reppin hard as life in that throwback DE painters cap. His latest "Ol Jersey Bastard" Record is at AmalgamDigital.com

We also send our regards to the Persian Prince Shah as he is going through some shit right now. Satan speed.


Saturday, August 23, 2008


Brand new Division East Records Samplers available now at Division East and any show worth being at, we'll have it up for download soon and it features a bunch of new music from upcoming DE releases and what not, cover looks like this=

G. Wallace's "The Grand Scheme" is dropping August 29th at Division East. All ages, come get ignorant. Biggups Steve Bauer on the flyer

Anyone that would like to send us pictures like this, feel free to email to DivisionEastRecords@DivisionEast.com

GDP quoted in the book "Brothers to Jackals" out in September on Poor Yorick Publishing

Friday, August 8, 2008

G. Wallace's "The Grand Scheme" Available, Show TONIGHT

G. Wallace's "The Grand Scheme" can finally be copped off his myspace page right now. Hard copies coming soon.

GDP and G. Wallace will be live and direct tonight at some sorta thing.

Rock Steady 31st was unreal the other week. Check this Artifacts reunion vid. If you missed this you fucked up. Peace to Todd and Garden Sk8 for all their help with ramps as well. Check out Lil B representing thoroughly-

On Weds. August 13 at 8pm Dave Dowd, RewMec, GDP, Shape and G. Wallace will be on No Ho's Bored Radio on www.EastVillageRadio.com listen in for jokes, raps and plenty cursing.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Halligan's Hip Hop Success!

As you may well know, we had our second Hawaiian Themed Gig at Halligans which went off splendidly. I think. Cause I was pretty fucking drunk. That's what you get though when you party with Division East. I'm too drunk now to write funny little captions for all these photos...so just take them for what they are. The old guys in the pictures with me are my step dad and my little brother's teacher, and the hot chick in the one with us is G. Wallace's mom. I'll post some more fun pictures from the event soon, but big ups to GDP, Wallace, TMFSE, Poet and Wize Crack for rocking and big ups to Max Jerome and Amazing Grace and DJ Rajni for rocking the turntables and big ups to Steve Bauer on the flyers and big ups to everyone who came out to have a good time! We'll let you know when the next one is.