Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Halligan's Hip Hop Success!

As you may well know, we had our second Hawaiian Themed Gig at Halligans which went off splendidly. I think. Cause I was pretty fucking drunk. That's what you get though when you party with Division East. I'm too drunk now to write funny little captions for all these photos...so just take them for what they are. The old guys in the pictures with me are my step dad and my little brother's teacher, and the hot chick in the one with us is G. Wallace's mom. I'll post some more fun pictures from the event soon, but big ups to GDP, Wallace, TMFSE, Poet and Wize Crack for rocking and big ups to Max Jerome and Amazing Grace and DJ Rajni for rocking the turntables and big ups to Steve Bauer on the flyers and big ups to everyone who came out to have a good time! We'll let you know when the next one is.