Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm sorry for the lack of updates...Finals killed me and I need to get a new battery charger for my camera. This Thursday I will be hosting Electric Relaxation, an open mic at The Dancin Goat Cafe & Stage in South Orange and rocking will be Tamer Dee.
I urge anyone with half a brain to come out.

DE Recs is under some construction as of late but I assure you by 08 all will be straightened out and some new artists and projects will be announced. Feel free to get siked as fucking hell. Meanwhile check out this picture of me and my grandparents

Pretty fun, huh? Happy Holidays. God hates you. Stay tuned.


Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night open mic ruled. Go to this tonight if you're not an idiot I'll be rocking earlier in the night to warm up the stage for the fellas...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Division East Presents an Open Mic =

If you come to this you are guaranteed a good time.


oh and Pete from Daggers made this sweet ass New Years flyer in probably about 20 seconds but I'm way diggin it-

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back at 'em


DIVISION EAST got some new gear in and it looks awesome. Head to and cop something online or just go in. These gear is fresher than Jersey produce I'm tellin you.

This Saturday @ the Knitting Factory =

Next week Bullymouth will be at JJ's. Wrist and myself will be opening up we just aren't handsome enough to make it to the front of the flyer. Shucks...
I'll also be hosting an open mic there the night before (12/19) at 10pm

THIS NEW YEARS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING CRAZY. Cancel whatever you thought you were gonna be doing. This is what you are doing. FACK! Expect the best night of your life.

G dot Wallace has been at work on his record "The Grand Scheme" rumor has it so every girl in America should start stretching out their pelvis and legs now. Yup.

Flew out to Honoloulou to take some new press pics and here's one. More will be available in various publications soon enough.

But wait deres moooore

DIVISION will be doing 20% off their online store purchases all season long in honor of the death of our lord and savior Ike Turner who died yesterday 12/12/07 at the ripe age of 76. We miss you Ike.

Stay tuned shit is poppin off harder than you ever expected yalllll


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

JJ's Open Mic TONIGHT & New Shape Stuff


Shape's got some new music on the way and some new stuff up at his MYSPACE PAGE

Also go to this

Espee, Shape, TMFSE, & GDP made songs yesterday. Get siked. Come to shows. YES.


We was eating dinner with the Fam.

We are killing it. Straight up. Just cracked a beer and put on Smoking Aces, which I hope is gonna be good. But right before that, I just had G. Wallace, Espee1, The Man From Somewhere Else and GDP up in the studio recording some ridiculously fresh shit...and shit, I just ashed in my beer. I gotta stop doing that.

The news is this kids, I've been with G. Wallace over the past few months working on his Division East Records debut album and it is a funk infused masterpiece. That will be dropping in early April. Right after that...weeeell, thats a horse of another color. Me and C-Minus been hard at work producing Family Dinner. The rumours of its greatness have been floating around and I assure you they are all true...shit, I just accidentally ashed in my beer again. Fuck. Anyway...

This is whats up with me...

Raised Near the Powerlines V. 2 will be available for FREE. Downloadable off the internet, as soon as I can figure out how the hell to do that. There were a whole lot of tracks that I couldn't fit on the original album, seeing as that shit was 19 tracks and running over an hour in length. So I want to share those unheard jewels with you. Its a Christmas present. You're welcome. So I'll post again when thats ready, until then stay tuned for more pictures of GDP. I love you dog.