Monday, March 3, 2008

New Flavor in Your Ear

Division East Spring Sampler is shaping up like a mugg. It will include new and upcoming music from=

John Robinson

Emily Rugburn

Tame One



J Stamps

Espee One

...and many more. I've been listening to some of the early submissions and they are fucking awesome. Stay tuned about that as well as new videos and music videos being posted constantly as We also have a Facebook Group now or some shit, Propers to Pat Rent. 

If anyone that reads this has pictures from Division East events or anything I might like to see please get them over to Much thanks.

Also, our buddy Tame One has some new music up on his that I have been vibing with non-stop lately. Shit is awesome. Do yourself a favor and go listen to that right now. If you are still reading this you are missing the point. NOW!!!

Til next time.