Tuesday, February 5, 2008


GDP MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT WAS SWEET. LATE NIGHT SALE WAS CANCELLED CUZ GDP'S IMMUNE SYSTEM TOOK A VACATION. This photo was taken by none other than Diamond Dave Dowd on a real live I-Phone. You read right internet world. Division East fucks with I-Phones. Heavy.

Big ups to Mark Karinja (marktkarinja.com), TMFSE, Dave Dowd, Pad Dowd, Dolomite Dowd, Ben Wald, and all the other fine folks that came out and helped me make the sweetest video ever. More info about that soon.

Junkwaffel is out of rehab for the time being and he is working on a new record with The Man From Somewhere Else under the monicker Emily Rugburn- check em out at www.myspace.com/emilyrugburn973 It's gonna be epic=

My main man Kava aka Ned da Wino will be hosting and putting on a J. Dilla tribute show this Thursday Feb. 8th in New Brunswick that GDP will be rocking at =

GDP also started making a video with TMFSE and Pat Renton that might look something like this-

More info. on that soon

SO be on the lookout for some GDP music videos, potential music videos from a few artists that I won't say quite yet cuz I'm waiting on some confirmation, among some other awesome projects that are in the works with people that you will be glad to know we are working with. BOOYAKASHA