Sunday, April 1, 2007


Fun show this Friday. Good looks to the staff of 35 Plum aka Hidden Cities.

This week Shape, Pryme Prolifik & Joe Frazier, Outacity, TMFSE, and myself (GDP) will be performing at Galapagos Art Space in ( at 10pm, $5, and located at
70 N 6th Street in Crooklyn, NY. Sweet.

Shape and I will also be there with Lrg Professor, Pumpkinhead, Cymarshall Law, and many many more this April 19th celebrating one year anniversary.

Show listings can be found all over the place but I know for sure they are at my myspace-

Go buy Shape's "Raised Near The Power Lines" right now it's fucking awesome. It will be all over your favorite magazines, websites, and whatnot in a mere matter of weeks.

I also just finished up my record "Involvement"...there is still mixing and some scratching yet to be done but more information on that will come soon. Really soon. So start getting siked now.