Monday, November 5, 2007


Weekend ruled.

Underground 8 was wonderful as's Shape talking to the kiddies w/ TMFSE

Happy Halloween

Atbash Cipher was in the place to be

Al Sauce came through this weekend and wyled with his homegrowns and I took him to the New Brunswick wall of fame which he thoroughly enjoyed

MR. Gorgeous successfully turned 21. Here's some other pictures from my week. Sometimes I forget how awesome my life is until I look back through my day to day flicks.

Diamond Dave D, Rajni, famalam and P-Rock


Doors got broken. Hinges got ripped

Mr. G also got ripped

This happened

More than just a shirt...

This asshole

Vhem ripped on Halloween

More songs the next day

I've begun writing full time for DE Family Dinner...I'll be e-mailing Shape some new J Stamps beats in a second. DE Holiday Skate Vid is in the works as are many other things. Show updates in a day or so once I figure everything out. Keep checkin in you rat bastards.