Tuesday, November 20, 2007

God Damn the White Man

This was tagged up on the side of my neighbors house yesterday morning

Completely rules.

Here's some new pics from last weekend. GDmotherfackinP=

There was a sea of 16 year old girls at Serendipity and it fucking ruled. Kudos to Carson on these...

Everyday of my life

My bi-weekly dental hygene

Me and Jan the Don went to a party in Bronx where one of the rooms was covered in tine foil wall to wall including everything in the room, bar, door knobs, etc. We hit the slopes like it was no laughing matter.

This is what I'm into.

Here's a very old picture of me and Shape. Peep the dude front row takin notes.

Shape's been in the lab working on DE Fam Fam Din Din and I will be joining forces with him tomorrow after a psychedelic acid trip through time and space. Not kidding. My phone will be off at this time tomorrow cuz I will be talking cosmos, extraterrestrials, ocean, life and death.

I'm also happy to get home to spend some good ol' quality time with the fellas

Any Division East/Division East Records questions you may or may not have you can now direct to the AIM Screen name- DEHelpNow

Pat Renton also made this 10 minute montage/old footy/whatever the fuck video with some songs you might recognize and if you watch long enough it might clear up some questions you have. I don't fucking know.


More news soon eat madd turkey son!!