Friday, June 6, 2008

Update From the Road

Yo yo yo yo long time no talk whats the word? Me and DJ Prime have been on the road with Dirty Money for 2 weeks as of today and it has been lovely. Gas is more expensive than life itself but we are making due. Here are some upcoming DE shows

The Man From Somewhere Else has a free EP download at go peep that right now.

Unfortunately I can't use my laptop cuz I left my charger in Michigan but here are some pics so far I was able to scrounge up around the internet. Full update coming soon. Enjoy

DJ Prime. GDP.

New Mexico was ill.

Senor G and Primo

Denver, CO.

Barbie Q.

We scaled some mountain in New Mexico and it was cool.

Michigan got ignorant.

I got a shit load more flicks coming your way soon.