Monday, July 16, 2007


FLORIDA WAS SWEET. PICS SOON. I heard some new tracks from G. Wallaces upcoming album that is yet to be named. You are not ready. bottom line.

I will be playing a buncha different places with a bunch of different people for the release of "Involvement" which will be officially on 8/14/07...i will be taking pre-orders startin Thursday the 19th of July. Anyone who pre-orders in Involvement gets a Division East care package that they'll be siked on. I'll post a Pay Pal link here Thursday.

One of the record release shows will go like this -
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Also playing will be Vaginal Destruction and my Division East constiutants (obviously) - Bullymouth, G. Wallace, and The Man From Somewhere Else. If you don't go to this you are not a fun person. Seriously. More info. soon, show dates posted at