Wednesday, June 20, 2007

G. Wallace Album in the Works, New Stock of RNTPL

Hi Everbody! (HI DR NICK!)
Shapesters here with a few new updates for you mousketeers and fans of all things Division East...

...things over here have been coming along at a rockets pace. Me and the newly returned G. Wallace have been heavily hacking away at the G DOT album, as yet untitled and if any of you baby genius fans have any preconceived notions of what this album is gonna sound like, think again. This is gonna be unlike any hip hop record you've heard coming out of the underground in quite sometime. think like Fresh Prince produced by quincy jones if he was out all night drinking and pill popping it up with the Devo guys. Plus, your old boy Shape James is behind the boards, so you know you are getting production of the highest caliber.

Speaking of myself, I just spent hours assembling and packaging the brand new shipments of my close friends and family acclaimed album "Raised Near the Powerlines"...I sent most of the original shipment out for review (without getting a review) and we've been out of stock for awhile. But all you guys who've been patiently waiting for your fun filled dark cynical funk infused roller coaster copy of the album are in luck! Stop by the Shop in Montclair or go to the online store @ to pick up your copy or just holla at me personally. Let me know whatcha think!

We also got a whole bunch more copies of Tame One's "The Grudge: Fuck the Industry" in, so if you dont have that yet, rectify then testify.

Plus, all of our division east records will be available on iTunes and EHarmony in about six weeks! Both Mixtapes and all that...

...well thats about it, other than that i've just been hanging out here at midland avenue with the ax throwers enjoying the summer. come check out one of our shows or stop by for a beer, my treat!