Sunday, January 27, 2008

"The Hair on my chest look like taco meat"

On behalf of Division East Records...we would like to welcome DJ Prime Incognito to the family. You will be seeing him behind the wheels of titanium for GDP among others. Peace brother

Last night at the Pop Off was popping off. Coincidence?

Go to the Division East Midnight Madness Sale! It's gonna be fucking awesome. Come welcome our new friends Dj Prime and RewMec properly okay? Okay.

The last Electric Relaxation at the Dancing Goat in South Orange was fucking awesome. John Robinson is that dude. Loook for some DE/JR in the near future.

Shabam Sadeeq also ripped.

I will be making a music video with my long time friend Mark Karinja his upcoming weekend for a song no one has heard yet called "Succumb". Check some of his work out HERE...he is incredible and I am very excited to work with him on this. It is going to be fucking awesome.

Boston dates on there way as well as 2 weeks in May. Soon!