Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

Peace ya'll Division East Records is setting up for a promising new year. I just got off the phone with All Mental about a bi-weekly event at the Court Tavern which will certainly not deter me from my weekly open mic at JJ's Bar and Grill=

On behalf of Division East, we would like to welcome RewMec to the family.

Check him out on or something dude is nasty.

I did a photo shoot with my good friend Mike Intile in NYC the other week after some bong rips and it was sweet. Stay tuned for more

I also got a new song up off "Involvement" @

The NJ Music scene is thriving and you know Division East has got love for all forms of self expression. Here are few extended family members rocking, rolling, drinking, smoking at some shows I've been at lately. Photos by yours truly. Enjoy.

Daggers (

Killin It (

Dirty Money (

Much more news to come.